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Mineral Filled Thermoplastic Compounds

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Copier & Computer housings made from PC/ABS alloy


Blends and Alloys

A vital break through

Through intensive R&D efforts, Sandeep has been able to bring in new age product line of Polymer Blends and Alloys, which are highly engineered and origined under the expertise of the company's technical team.

The product line of Blends and Alloys consists of several thermoplastic compounds which are blended in a specific proportion, to gain the optimum property benefits. These new alloys which are available are ABS/PC, PP/Nylon, Nylon/ABS, etc.

The newer applications of these Blends and Alloys have ventured into the areas of vital substitution of costly polymers and at the same time it also stabilises the required properties during the process and it even enhances the basic properties.